Since the opening of White Sands Beach Resort Lembeh we planned to have a professional camera room, where all our guests could take care of their “babies”.

Unfortunately as you understand the hit from covid forced us to postpone our plan, but since we are back in business, after the Indonesian Government dropped all travel restrictions for tourists visiting Indonesia, we have been working on it and we are very proud of the result achieved.

To build our state-of-the-art camera room we have been following the resort building style, so the it is melting into the resort, but also using some wood to give a warmer feeling.

We do have 16 desk, which we can increase to 20 for bigger groups or busier periods. All desk do have a LED orientable spotlight to ensure you can properly check your housing’s o-rings and buttons and it is completed by two universal sockets, which will allow you to plug up to four plugs (when using schuko or two-pins plugs) and up to four USB plugs.

A small shelf above the desk and a bigger one below will allow you to store all your batteries, chargers and other things you don’t need to bring with you on the boat and there is plenty of space for your camera suitcase below the desk.

Our camera room is very bright, letting in natural light from several windows and by the 500 W LED energy saving lights and it is equipped with two powerful fans to assure it won’t be too warm inside; on the terrace at the entrance our camera room features two big rinsing tanks and a table with two air-guns connected to a compressor to make sure you can dry up your camera housing.

We look forward to welcoming you at White Sands Lembeh and assuring your diving photography holiday in Lembeh will be unforgettable!