Dear Friends in diving,

Welcome to our first post of our blog on our new website!

As you will see if you will have a few minutes to spend with us, there are a lot of new things here.

First of all the layout has been completely redesigned, we hope you’ll like it: more photos and graphic, less text, which will drive you through the different pages smoothly.

If you will look around you will find interesting links by clicking some photos or more info will come up in extra smaller box.

The site is also responsive, it means that you should be able to surf on it on any device, with any screen resolution. We hope you’ll enjoy it!

We add a Galleries page for photos of the resorts and dive operations (already online) and UW pics (they will be online soon).

More info is now available in our FAQ page and don’t forget to give a look from time to time to our Special Event page, we hope you will find it interesting!

And we have a new Book Now page, where at the moment you can book directly online your stay and your diving at Eco Divers Resort Lembeh!

This is all for the moment. Please take a tour and if you have any questions, please drop a line to our webmaster.