It has been several months now since we became aware that it was not possible to buy tickets from Singapore to Manado (and vica versa) on SilkAir or SCOOT. As you noticed, currently there are no bookable flights on SilkAir after May 4th 2020. Since that time we have been working non stop to get information on when tickets would go on sale so that your clients and ours could get to Manado easily — through-checked from Asia, North America and Europe.

We now have confirmation that the first step has been completed: flight slot allocation has been done. The days of operation and times will be the same as SilkAir. The Civil Aviation Department has sent us documentation that confirms this.

The next step for SCOOT and Singapore Airlines is to upload their rates and make these flights available to agents and the general public. At this point we do not have a timeline but rest assured that we are doing our part to try and make this happen as soon as possible. It’s in all of our best interest that these flights are up and running.