Manado and Bunaken are two very nice dive destinations and Eco Divers Manado is in a very lucky location: not only we have a very easy access to all dive sites in Bunaken National Park (both Islands and Southern sections) but it also allows our divers to cross Manado Bay, which is well known for encounters with a lot of cetaceans, like spinner dolphins, common dolphins, bottlenose dolphins and pilot whales, just to mention the most common, very often in big pods.

But sometimes we can be luckier and it is frequent the chance to meet sperm whales, which are the largest of the toothed whales, the largest toothed predator and one of the biggest animal on this planet!

And today we were lucky, again!

2 sperm whales were swimming on the surface and allowed our boat to get close enough to get some shots.

It goes without saying that all our divers, guides and crew on board were so excited for such an incredible encounter!

What are you waiting for? Book your next diving trip with Eco Divers and get a chance to meet with these giants.