Yesterday has been a great day!

Together with staff and kids from the Lembeh Foundation (a conservationist organization which we are going to join very soon) we did the very first beach cleanup at our new location on Lembeh Island.

The mission of the Lembeh Foundation is to manage three main programs to support and help local communities to live sustainably within their natural environment and to empower them economically.

25 kids and 6 members of the staff joined our employees and construction workers yesterday for a massive beach cleanup, the result was simply amazing, now all the beach in front of our new resort is clean as it has never been and we filled more than 90 big sac with plastic, which after being separated will be send to the recycle plant.

As the beach is so long, we did focused on the first 200 meters of it, soon we’ll run another cleanup to collect the trash from the remaining part.

Thank you kids! Thank you guys! Thank you Lembeh Foundation!