Since the beginning Eco Divers operated with a special eye for the local community, what the people was doing and how we could help.

We had several specific initiatives during all these years, but what we believe is more important is that we try to be part of the local community everyday, while running our business.

We try to support the local people by doing our purchasing, as much as possible, at the local market rather than in big supermarkets, we try to employ local people and when we need an external technician or a carpenter or whoever is specialized more than we are internally, we look in our neighborhood.

We considered giving a local artist an opportunity during our most recent building projects in order to permanently include some art into the design of our resort and blending into its design and the nature around it.

We knew that we could find someone who could share what we were dreaming about and after thinking about it, we indeed met the right person!

We saw a very nice artwork in a business establishment of a friend and we realize the artist who did it would have been the one would could bring his performance to White Sands Lembeh and melt it in the local environment, we easily got in touch with him and it indeed we immediately shared the same vision.

His name is Ferdi Kaladu and we commissioned to him two murales and we were amazed by the fantastic work he did: vibrant colors, the jungle in the background of White Sands Lembeh and some endemic animals of North Sulawesi, enjoy them in some of our pictures!

We look forward to welcome you soon, so you’ll have the possibility to admire them in person.