Dear Friends,

It ha s been a busy week and we would like to thank all of you, who participated by sending a photo, who came to give a look to our website, blog, FB or other social media pages simply out of curiosity and especially who took the time to vote his/her favorite photo/photos.

A lot of people, a lot of divers, in one week only: 6832 visitors for a total of 11661 pages visited, you are a big bunch of nice divers from all over the world and we hope you like our website and Eco Divers now!

As per photo contest partial ranking, for a few days the amazing shot by Amy Hung dominated the scene as number 1, with hundreds of votes, but in the last few days the also very nice mandarin fish by Gerald Toh took over and it is now on top with 739 votes, baby squid by Amy Hung is 2nd and the first entry of the contest nudibranch by Jojo Lau is third.

But the contest is not over, it is just at the beginning, so if your photo has not received enough votes, you still have a lot of time to get your friends to vote for it.

If you didn’t send a photo yet, you still have plenty of time to send it, but please read carefully the photo requirements and contest rules, especially remember that photos should be 1200px (longest side) X 650px (shortest side) minimum and 250kb max, we won’t have the possibility to help you by resizing your photos.

And if you don’t have a nice photo yet, this is definitely the right time to take a few: book a diving trip with Eco Divers, by taking advantage of our SPECIAL OFFERS and you will go home with some very nice pictures, that’s sure thing 🙂

Have a great weekend ahead!