Lembeh Foundation is an organization involved in sustainability programs in Lembeh Strait area.

Lembeh Community Program wants to simply give back to the community by supporting local sports teams, the local Sunday School Choir and other community groups.

Lembeh Educational Program helps to support children by providing funds for schooling and also teaches the next generation how to live comfortably without compromising the possibilities for generations to come.

The FUNplastic program is a community platform for reducing the use of single-use plastics. FUNplastic aims to reduce plastic waste through recycling, repurposing and increasing the sustainability of natural resources by creating social and economic opportunities.

Lembeh Foundation was originally established by one dive resort, but the owners quickly realized that in order to grow and making their efforts more effective, the joining of other resorts in Lembeh was a necessary step.

As Eco Divers have always aimed to be an environmentally responsible tourism operator and to be socially responsible to its staff and suppliers, joining Lembeh Foundation was the next obvious move, a no brainer!

Eco Divers have committed to uphold the principles of Lembeh Foundation and support local communities (as we have been doing in the last 10 years or more) helping them to better understand the importance and the real value of the natural environment, especially the ocean.

Since 2010 Eco Divers has been a single use plastic free operation, which doesn’t use straws or plastic bottles and we try to minimize other types of single use plastic as much as possible. We are now looking forward to gaining the support and know-how through Lembeh Foundation membership to further reduce the use of plastic in the future.

Being part of the Foundation, Eco Divers are now looking forward to taking care of the natural environment in Lembeh Strait not as a single entity, but as a group.