From now until mid July is one of my favorite period to dive Bunaken National Park.

Wet season is over, we just have a lot of wonderful sunny days, visibility is amazing, in other words is hard to stay dry 🙂

I have been diving a lot during last week, the water was slightly colder than usual (approx. 28 C/82 F) but we had a lot of turtles, sharks, eagle rays, tuna fishes and all our divers, as well as me, enjoyed a lot the comfort of our boat Kayla.

She can easily take up 12 divers, 3 Divemasters and our crew, with a lot of room for diving equipment, a full load of tanks and our guests’ UW cameras.

And she is very fast too, at full load she can reach Manado Tua in 35 minutes and Bunaken Island in 40, giving us the possibility to dive in the island section of the park and being back to the resort after 2 dives by 1:30.

And as she is so light, she’s powered by two relatively small 100 HP 4 stroke engines, which keep fuel consumption and emission very low.

It is a great diving experience, when are you going to try it?