Lembeh Strait: the Mecca of UW photographers

World famous for its macro life, this is most probably simply the best place in the world for macro photography! Lembeh Strait plays host to a cornucopia of weird and wonderful creatures to be found here and here alone and dive in Lembeh Strait is a unique experience with no equals in the world.

Dive with Eco Divers, a PADI 5 Star Dive Resort: we moor over shallow black sandy slopes where seahorses and nudibranchs are in abundance. Then there are the inimicus devilfish, pegasus sea moths, frogfish, flying gurnards, wonderpus, mimic, blue ring and coconut octopus, flamboyant cuttlefish, hairy frogfish, Ambon scorpion fish, ornate ghost pipefish, ribbon eels and many other species.

Truly a one-off opportunity for all photographers and anyone looking for the unusual and unseen. You are sure to see something that you have never seen before, no matter how experienced you are.

Our dive guides will take you on a guided tour around Lembeh’s wonderland and thrill you with its magic. They have experience working with BBC, Animal Planet, National Geographic and many famous photographers like Martin Edge,
Douglas Seifert, Jason Isley, Takako Uno, Steven Wong, William Tan, Wolfgang Poelzer, Ned & Anna DeLoach just to mention some.

Lembeh Strait - Dive Sites' Map

Lembeh Strait – Dive Sites’ Map

Night Dives: are you wondering if you should do Night Dive? The answer is YES!! A night Dive in Lembeh is truly not to be missed.

You see many weird and wonderful critters here during the day time, so why not enjoy the nocturnal ones as well. Night dives in Lembeh are full of fascinating surprises! You could see a starry night octopus, a stargazer, a bobbit worm (which inspired the sandworm from Star Wars movie) just to name a few….

Mandarin dives: these little beautiful fishes perform the most amazing courtship dance, culminating in the full spawning….. Every day at dusk.

Do not miss this unique show and see them rise together cheek to cheek. It is every dedicated photographers dream scene. Definitely worth the 4th dive of the day!!

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