And also this ADEX is over, it has been a successful show, I have met so many old friends and I made so many new ones, I hope to see you all in Manado and Lembeh very soon.

I have also the opportunity to meet Vincenzo Maione and Pasquale Vassallo, the former is a great diving instructor who run the Dive Center Campi Flegrei and the author of a fantastic guide, The Underwater Archaeology Park of Baia, the latter is a well known Italian photographer, whose amazing shot show you the the beauty of this Marine Protected Area.

The book will leave you speechless, for the mix of marine life and this incredible environment which is a sunken historical town.

And definitely will make you think to a diving trip which you have never thought about….

Ciao Enzo, Pasquale, Livio and all other friends, see you next year.