Welcome to The Digital Centre

Underwater Photography and Videography at Eco Divers

The Digital Centre is a photo and video service centre based at Eco Divers and managed by Kathrin and Tarkan who have many years of experience on underwater imagery.

We offer underwater photo and video courses from entry-level compact cameras to Digital SLR and videography courses. All our courses will be designed to meet your individual needs whichever your level would be.

With our tailor-made and hands-on in water training you will cut down your experimenting time and achieve excellent results quickly on your photos or your footage.

If you are interested in post dive sessions and learn how to enhance your images or explore more creative approaches to your underwater imagery, we also offer photo critiques and post video editing sessions without an overload of technical words, just simple and easy to understand terminology.

Our dedicated facility provides you with a wide range of rental underwater photography and video equipment which includes various compact cameras to advanced DSLR systems with strobes, ports, wet-lenses, video lights and a good selection of arms, trays, cables, adaptors, mounts and much more.

Our aim is to provide you the support to get the best out of your underwater memories in Lembeh and Manado.

The Digital Center

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