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Minahasa Lagoon, Manado consolidates its dive operation with Eco Divers to further improve dive experience for our guests.

Minahasa Lagoon Dive and Tour Club (Minahasa Lagoon) is nestled in the world famous Marine Park off Bunaken, 30km south West of Manado in North Sulawesi.


With 15 seafront and mountain villas built with iron wood architecturally styled with thatched roofing and rustic charm and 6 spacious garden view rooms nestled in abundant tropical greenery, this 4 hectare resort boosts of unrivalled bio-diversity, complemented by its own Dive Centre and Club, Swimming pool, Bar, Lagoon Spa, food & beverage facilities, a hilltop Jungle Restaurant and bountiful scenic sights to discover.

Minahasa Lagoon is well-known among travellers as a premium dive and leisure property in the Bunaken National Marine Park. Minahasa Lagoon is constantly upgrading its facilities and services for its guests and has recently agreed to consolidate its Diving operations with ECO DIVERS.

Dive enthusiasts can look forward to highly engaging and personalised diving trips and sessions with Minahasa Lagoon and Eco Divers, while staying on site the 21 villa resort in Manado with 15 sea views villas and in Lembeh where Eco Divers has a unique feature; a 53 feet boat anchored in the famed Lembeh Straits diving spots where guests can spend the day diving in close proximity.

Eco Divers is a well-known and respected Diving Group internationally with operations in Manado and Lembeh and they have been operating out of Minahasa Lagoon for the past 24 months.

Mr. Andrea Bensi, Managing Director of Eco Divers, said “the reorganization of the diving operations is a logical next step in our co-operation with Minahasa Lagoon and this will further strengthen the partnership between Minahasa Lagoon and ECO DIVERS. I look forward to Eco Divers and Minahasa Lagoon completing its consolidation at Minahasa Lagoon soon to allow both Eco Divers and Minahasa Lagoon’s guests to enjoy a high level of service, and seamless great diving experience in Bunaken and Lembeh at most competitive rates.”

Fish Geek Week 2013.

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MarkErdmann.jpgWe’re delighted to announce that Dr. Mark Erdmann is coming back to Eco Divers this year, after the success of Fish Geek Week 2012 and the associated first ever Fish Survey of Bunaken National Park.


The 2013 dates for Fish Geek Week are the week of 31 August to 07 September. As with last year, our Guest Lecturer will give informative, educational and entertaining free talks each evening after diving.


And again, as last year, guests have nothing extra to pay to join this special event – Mark will be sharing his vast knowledge of the underwater realm out of the goodness of his heart.

We are very grateful to him for his generosity and we look forward to welcoming him back and assisting him with his second Bunaken fish survey, which will add to the database of our national park and aid in its conservation. We hope you’ll join us for Fish Geek Week.

To do so, just book a minimum 7-night stay at Eco Divers Manado & Minahasa Lagoon Resort:

SVC.jpgThis spring Eco Divers is giving you a chance to dive Manado in style for less, with a very special offer on stays at Minahasa Lagoon Resort.

Our special All Inclusive Dive Package in a top category Sea View Cottage represents an incredible saving on normal prices. It's valid on stays from 15 May but must end on 31 July.


» Click here for the full offer details

IWUPC.jpgThe Indonesian Ministry of Tourism is sponsoring an event for the first time which, in just its first year, has instantly become the largest, longest and most prestigious photo contest in the world, with a staggering total prize value of over US$200,000!


This contest is open to anyone with a camera, with prizes in 6 underwater categories and 1 conservation category, plus a Best of Show category.


Enrolment is free – to enter the competition all you have to do is dive with a Participating Dive Operator before 30 November and then submit up to 5 images in each category. Your images will then be judged by a panel of respected judges. It’s as simple as that!


Eco Divers is a Participating Dive Operator, so if you’d like to enter IWUPC 2013 please book a stay with us in Manado or Lembeh, or a combination of both if you wish to take both macro and wide-angle photos.


If you’re interested in entering IWUPC 2013, please visit the Indonesia World Underwater Photo Contest website to learn more about this amazing contest.


2013-04-04.jpgWe’re not done just yet, with new managers!

Last, but not least, please say hello to Macedonia Domingues. “Macy” is not from Macedonia, mind you – she’s Portuguese.

She’s from Pombal but started her diving career in Peniche, after finishing a degree in Marketing and Tourism.

Most recently she managed a dive centre in the Azores, but wanted new experiences as well as new diving environments.


As Macy herself says “I found the paradise in Manado, as well as my dream job, since it’s a perfect combination of richness in nature, diving, culture and gastronomy.”

Macy, a qualified teacher, is organized but also creative and loves to dance. She has a capacity to combine her serious side with a warmth and genuine care for other people, which we think makes her a great person to run a dive centre. Oh, and she’s also an animal lover, of course! Come and enjoy your next dive holiday in Macy’s capable hands.

FishGeeks.jpgFish Geek Week just took place at Minahasa Lagoon Resort in Manado, as part of the events planned to celebrate the resort’s 10th Anniversary.

Guests had been promised a wealth of new knowledge about North Sulawesi’s umpteen fish species, with talks by three leading authorities on marine biology and ecology: Dr. Mark Erdmann, Dr. Gerry Allen and Dr. Massimo Boyer. They were not disappointed. The famous scientists delivered wonderful nightly presentations on fish identification, biology, behaviour and much more, accompanied by stunningly colourful slide shows.

But what the guests were maybe surprised to find was that the week was not just informative; it was also great fun! This was due in no small part to the amazingly inclusive approach these three amazing Guest Lecturers brought to the event. Each presentation was delivered with unbridled enthusiasm. The passion Mark, Gerry & Massimo have for the magnificent underwater world clearly shone through and the attending guests couldn’t help but be inspired by this, to seek further understanding of the beautiful animals we all see on every dive but sometimes take for granted.

The week was rounded off with a treasure hunt dive on the last morning, followed by a closing party where guests won prizes such as a week’s stay at Minahasa Lagoon, six days of diving with Eco Divers, dive accessories, bath amenities and more.

Every guest attending also received a fantastic free gift - a book on the natural history of Bunaken National Park, by Arnaz Mehta. The Gala Dinner of local specialty dishes was the last chapter in what turned out to be a hugely enjoyable week. We’re immensely grateful to Mark, Gerry & Massimo for taking time to share their expert knowledge with us, our staff and customers.

We’re now thinking we might repeat Fish Geek Week in 2013. Who knows, if we do, maybe next time we’ll allow a few “Nudi Nerds” to join in the fun….

Whale shark on our doorstep

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WhaleSharkwithEcoDivers.JPGDiving in North Sulawesi is always great, the sea life is rich and different and every one who dove with Eco Divers can confirm it: it doesn't matter where you jump in the water, it will always surprize you.


But sometimes it is more than great, it is just beautiful!!!


Yesterday we were at the end of the first dive in a dive site very close  to the resort and a gourgeous WHALE SHARK starts to slowly swim around our boat, we swim with him he went away, then came back, then swim to the other group, then back again and so on for 15 or 20 minutes.


We all were exited, but the day wasn't finished yet. We were getting ready for the second dive and suddenly three DUGONGS comes close to the boats, we were just… speechless.


Another day of diving with Eco Divers, where extraordinary is the ordinary!


A special thank to Vladimir and Laura to allow me to use their camera :)


More pictures on FACEBOOK, like us on Facebook.


This is simply THE best opportunity this year in Asia to take your photo skills to the next level.

World-renowned photo geniuses Takako Uno, Stephen Wong and Jason Isley will be sharing their secrets for free, through nightly workshops and presentations.

This week is open to any and all, from beginner to accomplished photographer. The celebrations will be rounded off with a Gala Dinner & Birthday Party.

Each evening’s lecture will run around 25 minutes, conducted by Jason, Stephen and Takako. Additionally after each talk our Guest Lecturers will make themselves available to individual guests, to offer further tips and advice. Each day our Guests Lecturers will accompany guests on the dive trips, to continue offering advice as guests require.

This event is totally free of charge, there is nothing extra to pay, just book a one week all inclusive dive package with Eco Divers Manado.



For full details, click here or send an email to

Eco Divers' new promotional video, "Dive the Best of Both Worlds" and featuring our operations at Minahasa Lagoon Resort in Manado and Eco Divers Resort Lembeh, is now available for viewing at YouTube.

The video was professionally produced by Sam Lewis of ScubaZoo.

vertical.jpgThere's still time to join this wonderful free biology week with Eco Divers Manado at Minahasa Lagoon Resort, Manado, with lectures by three of the top authorities in marine biology: Mark Erdmann, Gerry Allen & Massimo Boyer.

Each night free biology workshops will be given, whilst each morning before diving the lecturers will brief divers on the behaviour and habitat of various families of fish, so divers can then have fun that day trying to identify various species.

The lecturers will help to identify any strange fishes spotted and photographed.

Fish Geek Week also includes an underwater treasure hunt with great prizes and a Gala Dinner & Birthday Party Night.

Nightly Workshops

  • An introduction to Manado & Bunaken
  • An introduction to Coral Reef Fishes and their Identification
  • Extreme Biodiversity: in search of Indonesia's marine biodiversity epicenter
  • Biology and Conservation of the Indonesian Coelacanth Fish
  • Advanced Coral Reef Fish Identification and Natural History
  • Highlights of Reef Fish Observations during North Sulawesi Fish Geek Week

The package costs just EUR 1085 (USD 1381) per person and includes 7 nights’ accommodation in a double room, 6 days of diving (up to 3 day-dives per day), all meals, airport transfers, tax & service.



For full details, click here or send an email to


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