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Whale shark on our doorstep

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WhaleSharkwithEcoDivers.JPGDiving in North Sulawesi is always great, the sea life is rich and different and every one who dove with Eco Divers can confirm it: it doesn't matter where you jump in the water, it will always surprize you.


But sometimes it is more than great, it is just beautiful!!!


Yesterday we were at the end of the first dive in a dive site very close  to the resort and a gourgeous WHALE SHARK starts to slowly swim around our boat, we swim with him he went away, then came back, then swim to the other group, then back again and so on for 15 or 20 minutes.


We all were exited, but the day wasn't finished yet. We were getting ready for the second dive and suddenly three DUGONGS comes close to the boats, we were just… speechless.


Another day of diving with Eco Divers, where extraordinary is the ordinary!


A special thank to Vladimir and Laura to allow me to use their camera :)


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The best dive resort in the world?

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Lembeh Cottages outside.jpgMark and Diana share their experience of Christmas Day at Eco Divers Resort Lembeh.

From TripAdvisor:

"The best dive resort in the world? We think so!"

My wife and I combined a stay here with a stay in another resort on North Sulawasi. We have dived in many other places around the world and stayed in many dive resorts, this is by far the best.

We were collected from the other resort by Eco Divers Lembeh, once there we were greated by Jim and Cary (the owners) and informed that as it was Christmas day we were invited to there Christmas dinner with the other guests and thier friends. The food was amazing as it was throughout the trip, the atmosphere was equall to the food and our hosts made us feel both comfortable and looked after.

The diving was fantactic, the boats, guiding and safety were second to none. All in all definitely the best dive resort we have been to and we would have no hesitation recomending it. As alot of the other people have said on here, this is how a resort should be run! Thank you to everyone at Eco Divers for a fantastic stay and we will be back soon.

Mark and Diana

Room Tip: All of the cottages are the same, and are all of a very high standard.

Cary meets Valerie Taylor and dreams come true!

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Cary, Detmon and Valerie Taylor

Dreams do come true, as Cary Yanny relives the day she met her diving hero, Valerie Taylor. Valerie and Ron Taylor are award-winning film makers and divers from Australia.

"When I was seven, I sat in front of my TV riveted by what I was watching. Valerie & Ron Taylor underwater with tropical reef fish and sharks. This glamorous couple travelled around the world scuba diving and showing us what the underwater world has to offer. I was hooked! I wanted to do that! That summer my Mum couldn't move me away from the TV when their show came on.

Eco Divers Manado No 1 on TripAdvisor

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It's official1109 tripadvisor logo.gif - Eco Divers Manado has No 1 spot on the independent travel site, TripAdvisor.

Managers, Saaya and Karl (pic below), are delighted to have reached the top position. Here's a little of what one happy guest had to say...

Saaya_and_Karl.LR.jpgEco Divers were amazing in dealing with us. My wife and I aren't really experienced divers but we had an amazing time. The guides knew exactly where to look and find life underwater. Saayah and Karl were great and very knowledgable about diving. Between them and the guides, they knew what we wanted and delivered it very professionally and paid attention to everything. I would recommend Eco Divers to anyone looking to dive in North Sulawesi. It's a well run operation and the staff and management are excellent. Hope to see you again soon.

Read more TripAdvisor feedback right here...

Photo of the week winner

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Congratulations to Yoko Toda who is our Photo of the week winner with this nice shot of a Hairy Squat Lobster.

She took this photo after hiring our rental D200 camera and getting some tips from our resident photo pro Christian Loader who is the Manager of The Digital Centre at Eco Divers. Well done Yoko!

Yoko Toda.jpg

Myles celebrates his 450th dive!

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Congratulations to Myles Grogan who has celebrated his 450th dive onboard Nautica whilst staying and diving with us here at Eco Divers Lembeh Cottages.

Both Myles and his wife Yoko have had a holiday full of celebrations as they celebrated their wedding anniversary and also Yoko's 400th dive whilst they were diving with Eco Divers at Kima Bajo during the first half of their stay.

Here you can see Myles receiving his certificate from Eco Divers Lembeh Cottages manager Gary along with Yoko. Congratulations again guys!


Congratulations Bas and Kelly!

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Congratulations to both Bas and Kelly for completing their PADI Open Water Course with Lou at Eco Divers Lembeh Cottages. They are both in North Sulawesi, Indonesia volunteering their time at Tasikoki Wildlife Rescue Centre. They head back to Holland later this week to continue their studies. We all wish them well and safe diving. In fact Kelly is already planning her next diving adventure with her sister in the Red Sea, Egypt!

Here you can see Bas Baudewijns and Kelly van Gils with their instructor Louise Kraechter (centre) after their last dive of the course.

Tasikoki Wildlife Rescue Centre is one of the several wildlife rescue centres and wildlife transfer stations originally set up by the Gibbon Foundation to care for the ever increasing influx of confiscated, illegally kept and traded wildlife within Indonesia. The Tasikoki centre has been established in a strategic location to tackle the cross-border trade from Indonesia towards the Philippines and onwards to China, Taiwan and Japan. Guests staying at Eco Divers Lembeh Cottages can take a morning tour to Tasikoki Wildlife Rescue Centre as it is located just 20 minutes drive from the Cottages. For more information about Tasikoki or to give a donation please visit

Happy Birthday Matt

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Congratulations to Matt Jarman who celebrated his birthday onboard Nautica whilst diving with us here at Eco Divers Lembeh Cottages.

He was surprised by his girlfriend Tam in the morning as she arranged for Matt to have a full day digital SLR camera rental and for our resident photo pro Christian to be with him all day giving Matt tips on how to get the bests shots! Matt didn't disappoint and after taking over 550 photos in one day he has some definite contenders for our photo of the week competition. So watch this space!!

Here you can see our onboard hostess Sevni bringing out a birthday cake for Matt at lunchtime.


Richard celebrates his 100th dive!!

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Congratulations to Richard Rahn who celebrated his 100th dive with us onboard Nautica whilst staying and diving with us at Eco Divers Lembeh Cottages. He only started diving in May last year so has packed a lot of dives into a relatively short amount of time. Here you can see some of the crew along with Richard and Lou after receiving his certificate. Congratulations again Richard!!


Photo of the week winner

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This great picture of not one but TWO Pigmy Seahorses take the 'Photo of the week winner' this week.


Well done Debbie Moffit for taking such a great picture, go on be honest did you even see the second one? :o)


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