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2012-10-04.jpgDr. Mark Erdmann & Dr. Gerry Allen, who were visiting us in Manado as Guest Lecturers for the free biology workshop “Fish Geek Week”, conducted a survey of fish species between 1st and 12th September.

This is the first time that a scientific fish survey has ever been done in North Sulawesi.


It was done over a week out of Minahasa Lagoon Resort Manado plus five informal days in Lembeh and it threw up some most absolutely amazing unexpected results.We always knew North Sulawesi had wonderful marine biodiversity, given that it sits at the heart of the Coral Triangle, but... these results we definitely did NOT expect!

Gerry & Mark recorded 967 species from 329 genera and 84 families. That's without even surveying many habitats. They were nowhere near reaching a plateau, every day adding 25-40 new records to the list!

Gerry predicts that further surveys would show somewhere around 1020 species in total for North Sulawesi (Bunaken to Lembeh). To put these numbers in perspective, Komodo National Park has 750 species recorded to date, the Togian and Banggai islands have 819 species recorded to date, Berau in East Kalimantan (including Derawan and Sangalaki) has 875 species recorded to date, and Western Thailand has 775 species recorded to date.

Another very interesting point was the extremely high per-site diversity. In general any count of over 200 species on a single dive is considered a very high diversity site. Of the 9 sites surveyed, 6 were higher than 200 species and two of them broke 300 species (Tanjung Kelapa/Malcolm had 310 species and Satchiko's had 301 species)!

To put this in perspective, in over 40 years' of survey work around the Coral Triangle region, Gerry Allen has only documented three sites that have broken 300 species: Kayoa Island, Halmahera (303 species), Tanjung Papisoi in Kaimana, West Papua (330 species) and Cape Kri in Raja Ampat (374 species). So Tanjung Kelapa/Malcolm is now the 3rd richest fish site ever recorded, and Satchiko's the 5th.


For the full report, click here.

Whale shark on our doorstep

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WhaleSharkwithEcoDivers.JPGDiving in North Sulawesi is always great, the sea life is rich and different and every one who dove with Eco Divers can confirm it: it doesn't matter where you jump in the water, it will always surprize you.


But sometimes it is more than great, it is just beautiful!!!


Yesterday we were at the end of the first dive in a dive site very close  to the resort and a gourgeous WHALE SHARK starts to slowly swim around our boat, we swim with him he went away, then came back, then swim to the other group, then back again and so on for 15 or 20 minutes.


We all were exited, but the day wasn't finished yet. We were getting ready for the second dive and suddenly three DUGONGS comes close to the boats, we were just… speechless.


Another day of diving with Eco Divers, where extraordinary is the ordinary!


A special thank to Vladimir and Laura to allow me to use their camera :)


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Cary Yanny has had a week of diving delights in the lovely Lembeh and shares them here...we know you'd much rather be in the water yourself but until you can join us, enjoy the video!

"This week has been simply amazing in the Lembeh Strait. We've seen Hairy octopus, Mantis shrimp complete with eggs, Crocodile fish, Hairy frogfish, Pygmy seahorse, Mimic octopus, Morays, Shrimps, Pufferfish and Flamboyant Cuttlefish."

Lembeh Cottages, Photo of the week winner

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Here is an amazing shot of 2 Squid laying and tending their eggs that Barbara Jones took recently which takes the 'Photo of the week' prize this time. Long time fans of Eco Divers, Barb and her husband Alan are both fantastic photographers and we look forward to seeing them again very soon.


Mr Grumpy Red or Pink

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Why do men not know the difference between Pink and Red!

We were so excited about going to see the new Rhinopious. I have already seen the dark pink lacy.  But know it has a mate.... (all be it 400m away). But now Iwan and Andrew (who has seen it the day before) insist that it is RED! both of who are men. 
Excited down we went. The lacy was sat in a hole looking very very pretty. We then went in search of the RED paddle flap. Well with Iwan's keen eyes we found it just after 5 mins. It was dark pink not RED! but boy was he cute very grumpy looking. A fab dive and as it finished I arrived at the surface i said "its Dark Pink!!!!" to which the reply was no it's RED so please help me out? 

What colour is it???? Help me...
Dear Cary and Eco Divers team

LC pic johan grayling.jpgWe had a wonderful time diving and staying with you. Diving in the Lembeh Stait is always good but you made it so much better with the great service, staff and food.

Your new Cottages are very cosy, beautifully decorated and made us feel at home the moment we arrived. Org was very impressed with the photography facilities. We will definitely come again.

Johan Greyling, South Africa

I forgot just how much I love diving.

Yet another day's diving: I was really looking forward to this, as I knew we were going to dive Jahir 2. We dived there a few days ago and had a good dive but, boy, was it a great dive today! Eagle-eyed Detmon was raring to go. Well, it was amazing from start to finish. Really, where to look? From Ambon Scorpion fish to Frog fish, seahorses, snake eels, nutty little clown fish and the most amazing baby Flamboyant cuttlefish. He was about 3 cm long. They are so beautiful when they're babies; the colours are that much more vibrant.

I can't wait for the next dive....Blue Ring octopus hunting!

Baby Flamboyant Cuttlefish

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Seahorses so many

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mood seahorse1.jpg

After a great breakfast, fresh fruit and yogurt, freshly made croissants at the cottages.  We were all set for a fab days diving.

Did we get it? I think so. 1st dive at Makawide II, soooo many seahorses and most of them bright red.  I was so excited I went to take a photo and wondered why my camera would not focus properly.  Umm, could be something to do with half of my dog Scrappy's coat in the port. Still, I did manage to get this photo.

Back diving in Lembeh Straits

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Frog Fish

Well its been a long time.  The last time I dived in Lembeh was April 2009.
So with the 1st customers of the Lembeh Cottages, I was very excited to be getting in the water with them.
Wow...... I forgot how wonderful diving there really is. On the first dive Wonderpuss and the days just got better, Mimic, Frog fish, Flamboyant Cuttlefish, the list is just endless.  Iwan and Detmon had there eagle eyes out and we didn't miss a thing.  The night dive at Nudi Falls never fails to impress. We needed to work hard in the water to work of the cooks, cakes and 4 course meal that was being served to us on Nautica. Then back to the cottage to have a great massage and fabulous food, served by the ever smiling Merlin.  We sadly had to say good by to Johan, Hilda, Org and Rika well see you again in October.  I will not leave it so long to get in the water.
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Congratulations for your 2000 dives

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Barbara  Dive #2,000.jpg

On October 10, Barb Jones from California completed her 2,000 logged dive while diving with Eco Divers's dive guide Adi at dive site Fukui in Bunaken Marine Park.  Barb together with her husband Dr. Alan  are our very good friends helping us with dive shows, PR and visiting us every year.

"All team is always very happy to meet you, and once again Jim, Cary, Kim, Miho and I would like to thank you both for the fantastic job and help you are giving us". 

Barb is a PADI Divemaster with dive experience in the Caribbean, Pacific and Indian Ocean's.


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