Fish Geek Week: interesting, sure, but fun?

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FishGeeks.jpgFish Geek Week just took place at Minahasa Lagoon Resort in Manado, as part of the events planned to celebrate the resort’s 10th Anniversary.

Guests had been promised a wealth of new knowledge about North Sulawesi’s umpteen fish species, with talks by three leading authorities on marine biology and ecology: Dr. Mark Erdmann, Dr. Gerry Allen and Dr. Massimo Boyer. They were not disappointed. The famous scientists delivered wonderful nightly presentations on fish identification, biology, behaviour and much more, accompanied by stunningly colourful slide shows.

But what the guests were maybe surprised to find was that the week was not just informative; it was also great fun! This was due in no small part to the amazingly inclusive approach these three amazing Guest Lecturers brought to the event. Each presentation was delivered with unbridled enthusiasm. The passion Mark, Gerry & Massimo have for the magnificent underwater world clearly shone through and the attending guests couldn’t help but be inspired by this, to seek further understanding of the beautiful animals we all see on every dive but sometimes take for granted.

The week was rounded off with a treasure hunt dive on the last morning, followed by a closing party where guests won prizes such as a week’s stay at Minahasa Lagoon, six days of diving with Eco Divers, dive accessories, bath amenities and more.

Every guest attending also received a fantastic free gift - a book on the natural history of Bunaken National Park, by Arnaz Mehta. The Gala Dinner of local specialty dishes was the last chapter in what turned out to be a hugely enjoyable week. We’re immensely grateful to Mark, Gerry & Massimo for taking time to share their expert knowledge with us, our staff and customers.

We’re now thinking we might repeat Fish Geek Week in 2013. Who knows, if we do, maybe next time we’ll allow a few “Nudi Nerds” to join in the fun….

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