Whale shark on our doorstep

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WhaleSharkwithEcoDivers.JPGDiving in North Sulawesi is always great, the sea life is rich and different and every one who dove with Eco Divers can confirm it: it doesn't matter where you jump in the water, it will always surprize you.


But sometimes it is more than great, it is just beautiful!!!


Yesterday we were at the end of the first dive in a dive site very close  to the resort and a gourgeous WHALE SHARK starts to slowly swim around our boat, we swim with him he went away, then came back, then swim to the other group, then back again and so on for 15 or 20 minutes.


We all were exited, but the day wasn't finished yet. We were getting ready for the second dive and suddenly three DUGONGS comes close to the boats, we were just… speechless.


Another day of diving with Eco Divers, where extraordinary is the ordinary!


A special thank to Vladimir and Laura to allow me to use their camera :)


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