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Whale shark on our doorstep

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WhaleSharkwithEcoDivers.JPGDiving in North Sulawesi is always great, the sea life is rich and different and every one who dove with Eco Divers can confirm it: it doesn't matter where you jump in the water, it will always surprize you.


But sometimes it is more than great, it is just beautiful!!!


Yesterday we were at the end of the first dive in a dive site very close  to the resort and a gourgeous WHALE SHARK starts to slowly swim around our boat, we swim with him he went away, then came back, then swim to the other group, then back again and so on for 15 or 20 minutes.


We all were exited, but the day wasn't finished yet. We were getting ready for the second dive and suddenly three DUGONGS comes close to the boats, we were just… speechless.


Another day of diving with Eco Divers, where extraordinary is the ordinary!


A special thank to Vladimir and Laura to allow me to use their camera :)


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beach_briefing.jpgWe know many of our guests love to dive the world over and we've heard that now is a great time to be diving the clear, warm waters of the Red Sea. And when you do, choose our partners, Emperor Divers.


Not least because they're award winners, but also because they are extremely highly rated with guests (Feefo rating is 100%!)


Day diving, liveaboards, dive courses and special Resort Packages are all available with Emperor's friendly team of dive experts. Choose from El Gouna, Hurghada, Marsa Alam, Nuweiba and Sharm El Sheikh. Or take a luxury liveaboard on a variety of dive sites from near by to Deep South. Pack your gear for a holiday packed with marine life, corals and wrecks.


Looking for unlimited house reef diving or fast RIB trips to some of the best dive sites in the region? Then Emperor Marsa Alam has just the set-up at their new Concorde Moreen Beach centre.


Hurry and you can take advantage of their Hot Summer Offers with diving from just 30 Euros a day or visit


This is simply THE best opportunity this year in Asia to take your photo skills to the next level.

World-renowned photo geniuses Takako Uno, Stephen Wong and Jason Isley will be sharing their secrets for free, through nightly workshops and presentations.

This week is open to any and all, from beginner to accomplished photographer. The celebrations will be rounded off with a Gala Dinner & Birthday Party.

Each evening’s lecture will run around 25 minutes, conducted by Jason, Stephen and Takako. Additionally after each talk our Guest Lecturers will make themselves available to individual guests, to offer further tips and advice. Each day our Guests Lecturers will accompany guests on the dive trips, to continue offering advice as guests require.

This event is totally free of charge, there is nothing extra to pay, just book a one week all inclusive dive package with Eco Divers Manado.



For full details, click here or send an email to

Eco Divers' new promotional video, "Dive the Best of Both Worlds" and featuring our operations at Minahasa Lagoon Resort in Manado and Eco Divers Resort Lembeh, is now available for viewing at YouTube.

The video was professionally produced by Sam Lewis of ScubaZoo.

vertical.jpgThere's still time to join this wonderful free biology week with Eco Divers Manado at Minahasa Lagoon Resort, Manado, with lectures by three of the top authorities in marine biology: Mark Erdmann, Gerry Allen & Massimo Boyer.

Each night free biology workshops will be given, whilst each morning before diving the lecturers will brief divers on the behaviour and habitat of various families of fish, so divers can then have fun that day trying to identify various species.

The lecturers will help to identify any strange fishes spotted and photographed.

Fish Geek Week also includes an underwater treasure hunt with great prizes and a Gala Dinner & Birthday Party Night.

Nightly Workshops

  • An introduction to Manado & Bunaken
  • An introduction to Coral Reef Fishes and their Identification
  • Extreme Biodiversity: in search of Indonesia's marine biodiversity epicenter
  • Biology and Conservation of the Indonesian Coelacanth Fish
  • Advanced Coral Reef Fish Identification and Natural History
  • Highlights of Reef Fish Observations during North Sulawesi Fish Geek Week

The package costs just EUR 1085 (USD 1381) per person and includes 7 nights’ accommodation in a double room, 6 days of diving (up to 3 day-dives per day), all meals, airport transfers, tax & service.



For full details, click here or send an email to


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