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5 of 5 stars Reviewed 4 November 2011
Joel O, Anaheim, California

Lembeh Strait.jpgAfter 7 days at sea on a liveaboard, Lembeh Cottages (now Eco Divers Resort Lembeh) was appreciated with their clean rooms, hot showers, great food and incredible service. The diving operation used a mother ship and small tenders to quickly transport us to the over 60 dive sites.

The mother ship was custom made for diving, comfortable, food and snacks between dives, photo table and room to spread out and relax.

I have been dive traveling for 40 years and this was a great run and modern operation. I will be going back. Dive guides were knowledgeable and found me many unusual subject to video underwater.

Come and enjoy the same experience with us. Click here for more information on our Resort or email for one-to-one advice.

0711 new Eco Divers Resort Lembeh - the only operator in Lembeh to offer you this unique combination based on total relaxation.

No other resort gives you the chance to relax between dives onboard a spacious and luxurious day-liveaboard by day, complete with fast skiffs to whisk you to over 40 dive sites in just a few minutes, then relax again in our award-winning resort.

Check out the full details from air-con rooms to Spa to outdoor restaurant to free Wi-Fi and ensuite bedrooms...

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