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Cary and Lembeh Team score 'High 5s' on TripAdvisor

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0811 cary3 crop.jpgCary Yanny and the Lembeh Team have continued the trend for scoring 'High 5s' on that respected travel website, TripAdvisor.

Having taken over the management of Eco Divers Resort Lembeh earlier this month, Cary and the team have delivered exceptional services, both diving and resort based, to a number of guests, two of whom have posted with comments: "Lovely people, fantastic diving", "Unconditional personalized service at its best".

Read all that they had to say here on TripAdvisor and get some first-hand feedback and advice on diving with Eco Divers Resort Lembeh.

Eco Divers Manado No 1 on TripAdvisor

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It's official1109 tripadvisor logo.gif - Eco Divers Manado has No 1 spot on the independent travel site, TripAdvisor.

Managers, Saaya and Karl (pic below), are delighted to have reached the top position. Here's a little of what one happy guest had to say...

Saaya_and_Karl.LR.jpgEco Divers were amazing in dealing with us. My wife and I aren't really experienced divers but we had an amazing time. The guides knew exactly where to look and find life underwater. Saayah and Karl were great and very knowledgable about diving. Between them and the guides, they knew what we wanted and delivered it very professionally and paid attention to everything. I would recommend Eco Divers to anyone looking to dive in North Sulawesi. It's a well run operation and the staff and management are excellent. Hope to see you again soon.

Read more TripAdvisor feedback right here...


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