Update on Mount Lokon activity

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Having closely monitored the situation here over the past days, we can tell you that travelling to and diving with Eco Divers is safe and the diving and resorts have not been affected in any way whatsoever.

Our dive centre at Lembeh is almost 40 kilometres from the volcano and our centre at Kima Bajo, Manado, is about 30 kilometres away.

The airport at Manado is open and neither of our dive centres have had any problems at all. In fact our Managers at Lembeh Cottages, Gary and Lou, only found out about it via the UK press!

Mount Lokon is still growling but mainly with ash and smoke and, as this is a mountainous region, any lava flows cannot affect our centres.

0711 Mt Lokon eruption copyright Christian Loader.jpgAs you can see from this photo by Christian Loader, The Digital Centre Manager, Mount Lokon is well away in the distance with Bunaken Island and Manado Tua on the right.

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