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Some of our critter encounters from 2nd half of July 2011:

Butterflyfish, Scorpionfish, Leaf Fish, Lionfish, Zebra Batfish, Ghost Pipefish, Long Arm Octopus, Waspfish, Crinoid Shrimp, Flatworm, Moray Eel, Catfish, Orange Frogfish, Ribbon Eel, Banggai Cardinalfish, Devilfish, Mimic Octopus, Flamboyant Cuttlefish, Squid, Thorny Seahorse

Critter Focus:  Flatworm

Flatworm swimming.jpg

Flatworm (Phylum Platyhelminthes) are the most primitive animals and can range from 2.5cm to 12.5cm. Mostly they are found under rocks and in dark recesses but on the rare occasion they are found swimming in open water as shown in this photo.

This photo was taken by Christian using our rental Canon S95 camera, which you can hire from 'The Digital Centre', whilst diving at either of our dive centres at Manado or at Lembeh Strait.

Having enjoyed a top spot on TripAdvisor as No 1 Hotel in Bitung, Lembeh Cottages has now 1109 tripadvisor logo.gifconfidently moved to top notch spot as best Hotel in all of Sulawesi.

What an achievement for the Eco Divers' team, having worked so proudly to give guests a first-class service with the diving, the cuisine and the accommodation. And it's paid off.

Lembeh Cottages outside.jpgJust read the feedback from recent clients who have enjoyed the attention to detail, the seam-free diving and the top-notch cuisine (sourced locally on a daily basis with custom orders being taken each and every morning!).

Sounds like it's time you experienced it for yourself.

Contact us today or visit our website Lembeh pages to find out more.

Meet our new managers at Eco Divers, Manado

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Saaya Sorrells-Weatherford and Karl ter Vehn Lexell

A warm welcome to Saaya Sorrells-Weatherford and Karl ter Vehn Lexell as they join us at Eco Divers, Manado in Kima Bajo Resort.

Saaya & Karl are both PADI MSDT Instructors and Emergency First Response Instructors. They also teach PADI specialties including Nitrox, Night, Deep and Digital Underwater Photography. Saaya and Karl previously managed a dive operation in Thailand.

Get to know them better...

Saaya, although an American citizen, was born and raised in Tokyo and speaks fluent Japanese. She is an Emergency First Response Instructor and Care for Children with AED Instructor. After graduating from the University of Southern California's School of Cinematic Arts with a bachelor's degree in Film Production, she spent a year back in Japan before rediscovering her passion for diving. She decided to drop everything and move to Palau to work on her Divemaster and kept going from there, completing her IDC in Phuket and then moving to Thailand.

Karl worked as a Construction & Product Manager at the Swedish exhibition centre in Gothenburg before starting his diving career. He also worked as a teacher at the University of Central America, in Nicaragua. In his first season as an instructor he worked in Utila, Bay Islands, Honduras before moving on to work in Nicaragua for two years as a dive centre manager/instructor. Karl then moved on to the Perenthian Islands, Malaysia, and on to Thailand before joining us here in North Sulawesi.

We wish them both an enjoyable and fulfilling time working with Eco Divers and they look forward to meeting you just as soon as you can make it.

Richard celebrates his 100th dive!!

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Congratulations to Richard Rahn who celebrated his 100th dive with us onboard Nautica whilst staying and diving with us at Eco Divers Lembeh Cottages. He only started diving in May last year so has packed a lot of dives into a relatively short amount of time. Here you can see some of the crew along with Richard and Lou after receiving his certificate. Congratulations again Richard!!


Photo of the week winner

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This great picture of not one but TWO Pigmy Seahorses take the 'Photo of the week winner' this week.


Well done Debbie Moffit for taking such a great picture, go on be honest did you even see the second one? :o)

Update on Mount Lokon activity

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Having closely monitored the situation here over the past days, we can tell you that travelling to and diving with Eco Divers is safe and the diving and resorts have not been affected in any way whatsoever.

Our dive centre at Lembeh is almost 40 kilometres from the volcano and our centre at Kima Bajo, Manado, is about 30 kilometres away.

The airport at Manado is open and neither of our dive centres have had any problems at all. In fact our Managers at Lembeh Cottages, Gary and Lou, only found out about it via the UK press!

Mount Lokon is still growling but mainly with ash and smoke and, as this is a mountainous region, any lava flows cannot affect our centres.

0711 Mt Lokon eruption copyright Christian Loader.jpgAs you can see from this photo by Christian Loader, The Digital Centre Manager, Mount Lokon is well away in the distance with Bunaken Island and Manado Tua on the right.

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Great job Emyr and Vito!

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Congratulations to Emyr and Vito Abdulkadir for completing their PADI Open Water certifications here at Eco Divers Kima Bajo Resort & Spa with instructor Karl ter Vehn Lexell.
Emyr and Vito discovered the underwater world with us here in the Bunaken National Park and saw several turtles, sharks, seahorses, stingrays and many other amazing animals.
They were great in the water and we hope they continue diving!
Great Job Emyr and Vito!
Some of our critter encounters from 1st half of July 2011:

Leaf Fish, Sea Moth, Sweetlips, Mimic Octopus, Flamboyant Cuttlefish, Ambon Scorpionfish, Flying Gurnard,  Lionfish, Waspfish, Yellow Frogfish, Nudibranchs, Lembeh Velvetfish, Ornate Ghost Pipefish, Devil Scorpionfish, Boxfish, Hermit Crab, Sand Diver, Flathead, Spiny Lobster, Stargazer, Pygmy Seahorse, Emperor Shrimp, Electric Clam, Tozeuma Shrimp, Bobbit Worm, Elbow Crab, Bobtail Squid

Critter Focus:  Frogfish

Frogfish (Antennariidae) are also known as anglerfish as they have a lure protruding from just above their snout which they wiggle energetically, like a fishing rod, to attract their prey. Their pectoral and ventral fins have evolved into webbed 'feet' and 'hands' which they use to 'walk' and perch on coral trying to blend into their environment. As you can see from this photo sometimes they aren't very successful at 'blending in'!!!

This photo was taken by Lou using our rental Canon S95 camera, which you can hire from 'The Digital Centre', whilst diving at either of our dive centres at Kima Bajo or at Lembeh Cottages.


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