Lembeh Cottage Critter Update: 1st half of April 2011

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Some of our critter encounters from 1st half of April 2011:

Thorny Seahorse, Cockatoo Waspfish, Commensal Shrimp, Flamboyant Cuttlefish, Hairy Octopus, Squid, Crocodile Fish, Jawfish, Blenny, Cowry, Napoleon Snake Eel, Remora,  Hairy Frogfish,  Flasher Wrasse, Estuary Stonefish, Spider Crab, Pinnate Batfish, Pontohi Pygmy Seahorse, Bobbit Worm, Hermit Crab, Winged Pipefish, Devil Scorpionfish, Yellow Leaf fish, Giant Frogfish

Critter Focus: Hairy Frogfish

Hairy Frogfish (Antennarius striatus) have extremely upturned mouths which can be opened to the width of their bodies to engulf their prey. These frogfish are masters at camouflage so remain stationary until unsuspecting prey swims by and then quick as a flash they are eaten.

This photo was taken by Lou using our rental Canon S95 camera, which you can hire from 'The Digital Centre', whilst diving at either of our dive centres at Kima Bajo or at Lembeh Cottages.

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