Thinking back at 2010 great moments...........

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In October 2010 we have had the pleasure to have here with us Anna and Ned De Loach, great and passionate underwater naturalists. They have being doing a workshop featuring Marine Critters  behaviours and we had the opportunity to be the first having their new book "Reef Creatures Identification" ............What a great time we have had!.

We have also had the opportunity to get together with some of Eco Divers most devoted guests such as : Micheal and Maria, Simon and Jan and Roger and Wendy. Together We have had a fantastic time diving the islands of the Marine Park and the costal waters. It has been one of the most prolifc time during wich we have found yellow pigmy seahorses, wonderpus octopus, flamboyant cuttlefish, mating and lying egg squids, frog fish etc...........

Roger has been producing an excellent video called "Kima Cephalopods"  that he had posted on U-tube, here is the link : .


Last but not least we are very happy that we could witness Wendy's 900th .......we are all proud to say that many of those were made with Eco Divers :) .

Here Below is a picture of Roger and Wendy together with our divemaster Adi.







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