World first for Eco-Divers Lembeh, Gary finds something!

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A world first for guests on a dive recently was when I found something! Being the manager of a dive centre working in the world famous Lembeh waters people expect you to be a great guide also... Sorry, but our guides are the amazing ones.

I was famous for missing huge Dugong and Turtles on dives in Egypt so these small and amazing critters of Lembeh are safe from my prying eyes... BUT on a dive recently with guests James and Aiko I found this beautiful Hairy Frog fish. Some might not be so impressed at finding these but for all the poor guests that I guided over all those years around the world this is for you ! If I told you that just a few days later I found a Stargazer ( well it found me really ) people would think I am on a roll...

You will all be glad to hear I don't guide any more and I just leave it to the pro's! Thanks to James for the photographic evidence of my find.

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