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Diving courses in the month of December.........

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Congratulations to Peter and Jacob to learn to dive and get certified as PADI Open Water Diver with us at Kima Bajo. You have done very well during the course and we are sure you will have many new exiting underwater adventures................





IMG_0116.JPG ........and also :"Well done  Feng to have compleated your PADI Advanced Open Water Diver certification"............ Feng has come to Eco Divers and dived with us in the marine park of Bunaken getting experience in the following dives: Deep, Navigation, Drift, Peak Performace Buoyancy and Underwater Digital Photography.


We have had a great time with all of you guys and we wish to see you back here some day diving with us and also keep in touch to let us know about your diving and your progress.


Eco Divers Dive Team wish you all the best and lots of fun whenever you will be diving.


Keep it SAFE underwater . 







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Well they were for this night anyway... the bar welcomed its first guest. As the first guest into the new bar it's a big thanks to Christian for drinking our beer, watching satellite TV and relaxing on a comfy sofa.


How to build a bar and go grey in just 6 weeks!

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After just 6 weeks of very hard work by a small team of builders, some of our staff, cottages assistant manager and even Lou and I we are all finished with the building of our amazing new lounge and in time for Christmas!  As you can see from these pictures taken once every week we have really shown what can be done with the Eco Divers team spirit. So for all the guests that visited during the construction and said we would never make it for Christmas ... see I told you so! Phew !!


New DIvers in December!

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Well done to Marc to have completed PADI Open Water Diver Certification Course.
Marc has done the Theory and swimming pool sessions in Singapore where he lives with Freestyle DIvers and then travel to Manado to do his ocean dives with us at Kima Bajo Resort. 
We all wish you many enjoyable dives around the world !

Marc Says:
I was told by two very experience divers attending the resort at the time I completed the Open Water course that I could consider myself spoiled for starting to dive in such an amazing environment.
The Eco Divers staff made the whole experience seem so easy and fun that it was truly a one in a lifetime adventure.
Simply unforgettable!!!!
Many thanks Miho and the rest

We all look forward to welcome you back and dive with you!!!


Our critter encounters for the 1st half of December 2010:

Blue Spotted Stingray
Sea Moth
Pontohi Pygmy Seahorse
Pygmy Cuttlefish
Ambon Scorpionfish
Coral Catshark
Decorator Crab
Mantis Shrimp
Flamboyant Cuttlefish
Painted Frogfish
Yellow Pygmy Seahorse
Orang-utan Crab
Black Ribbon Eel
Banded Pipefish
2 Reef Octopuses
Snake Eel
Spider Crab
Mimic Octopus
Orange Pufferfish
White Long Pipefish
Banggai Cardinalfish
Big Cuttlefish
Mandarin Fish
Black Frogfish
A world first for guests on a dive recently was when I found something! Being the manager of a dive centre working in the world famous Lembeh waters people expect you to be a great guide also... Sorry, but our guides are the amazing ones.

I was famous for missing huge Dugong and Turtles on dives in Egypt so these small and amazing critters of Lembeh are safe from my prying eyes... BUT on a dive recently with guests James and Aiko I found this beautiful Hairy Frog fish. Some might not be so impressed at finding these but for all the poor guests that I guided over all those years around the world this is for you ! If I told you that just a few days later I found a Stargazer ( well it found me really ) people would think I am on a roll...

You will all be glad to hear I don't guide any more and I just leave it to the pro's! Thanks to James for the photographic evidence of my find.

NEW Bunaken video. Dive in!

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You can truly capture the feeling of diving Bunaken Marine Park with this
first video by our new Digital Centre manager, Christian Loader of Scubazoo.

Christian spent time in November shooting video and taking pictures
underwater - and the results are simply fantastic! You, too, can learn to
shoot film like this when you dive with Christian through Eco Divers.


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Our critter encounters for the 2nd half of November 2010:

White Painted Frogfish
Stick Pipefish
Pontohi Pigmy Seahorse
Bargibanti Pygmy Seahorse
Sea Moth
Halimeda Ghost Pipefish
File Clam
Ribbon Eel
Pygmy Cuttlefish
Porcelain Crab
Long Pipefish
Black Frogfish
Mandarin Fish
Lembeh Hairy Frogfish
Thorny Seahorse
Sea Snake
Blue ringed Octopus
Mimic Octopus
Snake Eel
Mantis Shrimp
Banggai Cardinalfish
Ambon Scorpionfish
Orange Frogfish
Zebra Batfish
Small Manta Ray
Flamboyant Cuttlefish
Comet Fish
Garden Eel
Bobbit Worm
Decorator Crab


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