Lembeh Cottages: Happiness is....a new spa, outdoor lounge, bar & dining area

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Happiness abounds as we've started work on the next big development at Lembeh Cottages. A new outdoor lounge bar and dining area is being added and work is progressing fast - we're due to open in December in time for the Christmas and New Year celebrations.

The design is elegant yet welcoming, featuring comfortable sofas, soft lighting and overhead fans. It will be the perfect place to relax after a great days diving. The bar will have TV screens for those wishing to view their slides or videos, or maybe to watch a live sport event. Breakfast will be served in the restaurant. Dinner will continue to be the 'private dining experience' in the air-conditioned Cottage Dining Rooms, with a personal chef for each six guests, as this service has proved to be extremely popular. However, the restaurant will be available to dive club groups who wish to dine together outdoors and we'll also be offering regular barbeques when the weather allows.

Did you know that we've recently opened a new spa at Lembeh Cottages where we're offering a professional Indonesian massage service.

Three more Guest Rooms have recently been opened at Lembeh Cottages, taking our capacity up to 18 beds.

Lembeh Cottages is already the #1 hotel in Bitung on respected travel website Trip Advisor but these new developments will take your holiday experience to the next level.

Find out more - email us directly at info@eco-divers.com

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