First Aid and Fun !

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Remember, remember the 5th of November... safety first! Well ... no fireworks in Lembeh but safety is always on our calendar and this 5th of November we had another staff first-aid refresher day. Even the staff on days off came along to Nautica for a day of training and fun during which we went over subjects like Basic First Aid, O2 Admin, CPR, DCS and much much more.

A big well done to all from Lou and I and thanks for a great day, the singing alone was worth it...

First-aid-day.jpgAfter the hard work of the latest First Aid Refresher our team had time to relax together and spend some time having fun in the amazing Lembeh Straits. Some decided after all these years of listening to guests telling them about the things they had seen it was time to do it for themselves so Lou took each of these 'Next Generation Guides' for a unforgettable intro dive one to one. All had a great time but it looks like we will need a new accountant, chef and some hostesses as they all want to become guides! Oh well better looking than the current ones...


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