The "Critter Hunt" is on with Ned and Anna De Loach

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Ned De Loach.jpgThe first Annual "Critter Hunt" with Ned and Anna De Loach is on. Last night we have had the first presentation, introducing what is going to happen during this week and we have had an introduction to the "Coral Triangle area.

Ned with his huge underwater exeperience and great passion
for the marine life have delighted us with an hour of very intrataining talk combined with a great underwater slide show.

The "Citter Hunt" will be from Saturday 17th until Wednsday the 20th.

During the day Ned and Anna will join our boat trip gladly sharing their knowedge with anyone on the boat who would like to know more about marine life behaviour.

In the evening Ned will give an hour presentation about the following subjects:

-Saturday: Introduction to the "Critter Hunt" and presenattion of the Coral Triangle.

-Sunday: Sorting out the see (an introduction to fish & critters identification).

-Monday: Sex on the Reef (the name says it all :-) )

Tuesday: Symbiosis and camouflage ( an introduction to fish behaviour, skills, and their habitat)

Wednsday: The wonderful Cephalopods (Octopus, Cuttlefish and Squids).

guests presentation NEDANNA.jpg

 Also our diveguides have joined the presentations as we all understand that we have a wonderful opportuinity to share our knowledge with the bests in the field and get some interesting answer to the many questions we all have.

We are all excited to have Ned and Anna here for the week and we all look forward their presentation but most of all to be with them as they are very nice people.



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