Ned and Anna De Loach Critter Hunt Week

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Ned De Loach_critter_hunt_weeK.jpg

in the picture there are some of the highlights of the critters we could see. 


The First Annual Critter Hunt week has come to the end. Very difficult to express how magnificient the week has been Ned and Anna have taken along all of us in this beautiful journey and new way to look at the marine life underwater.

Ned with the evening presentations that kept all of us entratained, giving not only new knowledge but also very interesting story behind the pictures that he was showing to us.

Anna with her sweetness, knowledge and passion has been enlightining all of us during the diving days making the surface intervals flying by in a brink of an eye.


The dive guides have done an incredible job refering to the tips that Ned and Anna where giving all of us the evening before and finding a huge diversity of marine subjects to keep all of us excited during every dive.

Eco Divers team made it very nice and easy handeling many divers with big Cameras helping with the transportation of the gears in and out from to boat ensuring safety for all divers as always.

We are a looking for the next 'Critter Hunt" with Ned and Anna de Loach. Make sure you keep checking our news on the website to know when the next seminar will be on.



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