Rubbish collection at Eco Divers

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As Project AWARE International Clean Up Day is fast approaching on 25th September 2010 we thought we'd tell you about what Eco Divers is doing on a daily basis to help clean up our waters.

As you know here at Eco Divers we always try to do our bit for the environment, both above and below the surface. For some time now we have been asking our guests (and guides) to take a small net bag with them on their dive and collect pieces of rubbish.

We brief before the dive that some rubbish has now become part of the environment, corals growing on it or a little critter has made it their home, so therefore each piece of rubbish is checked carefully before deciding whether it can be removed safely. This system helps the underwater environment and as we buy these net bags from the local community, we also help the local economy. So please take a net bag along for a dive the next time you are with us.


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