Exercising nudibranchs & tiny brittle stars

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So wow, whexercising-nudi.jpgat can I say.......... my first time back in the water after a while and on the first dive a pair of mating Octopus!! Crazy!

I had the best company to spend my dives with: Carmen, Chat and Lee Peng, great guys. Although at first we weren't quite sure............. the first day on the boat Carmen pulled out her laptop and showed us all a professional documentary on critters found in Lembeh Straits. If that didn't put pressure on the guides I don't know what would have done! But needless to say that the guides found everything on the DVD and much much more, so everyone was happy.

There were nudibranchs galore, all different colours and sizes, even ones doing their daily stretches and exercises as you can see!! There were mimic octopus, hairy frogfish, pygmy seahorses, beautiful banggai cardinalfish (my personal favourite).


We also found a piece of coral that was totally covered in tiny brittle stars all different colours - a sight we had never seen before!!

So thanks guys for a great couple of days diving and hope to see you all again soon!!!!!

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