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DSC_0383.JPGOn the 25th of Septmber 2010 it was the international beach and reef clean up day. Eco Divers Team together with the school of the nearby local village Kima Bajo have organized a beach clean up. 40 Kids from age 9 to 11 has received education from our Diving Manager Miho Takeda about the importance of not trowing plastic into the enviroment, then the kids have been divided into smaller group leaded by an Eco Divers team member and went to clean the beach in front of their village. After an hour of collecting we all sit together eating cake and each kid received a PADI Project Aware certificate plus school materials such as notebooks, color pencil, pens etc.....  

In the same time we also had divers going out collecting plastic floating on the surface of our prestine reefs.

Eco Divers is very glad about the enthusiasm that the kids had . We will be back doing these activities with the local community in the hope of helping them to understand the importance of do not litter into the environment.

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