Aquapigs - diving in Lembeh Straits and trekking in Tangkoko

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After a good time diving with Eco Divers at Kima Bajo, Aquapigs also stayed and dived with us here at Eco Divers Lembeh Cottages.


We had a great couple of days diving in the Lembeh Straits and even managed to squeeze in a night dive as well.

After finishing diving I accompanied the group up to Tangkoko Nature Reserve which is a 9000 hectare National Park. Whilst trekking through the rainforest we were lucky enough to firstly see the Black Crested Macaques, which are indigenous to North Sulawesi, in a big group complete with babies. After spending some time with this group of Macaques (named Rambo!) we moved on to find the Tarsiers. These are the world's smallest primate and nocturnal so we sat down and waited for dusk to fall.
After a bit of patience we were rewarded with an amazing sighting of a family of Tarsiers.

Tarsier.jpgThey start off at the top of the tree and slowly make their way down the tree as it started to get dark. Just before we were about to leave, one came down so close that I was able to take this photo before it ate its first meal of the evening, a juicy cricket.

So a great day of Macaques and Tarsiers as well as Hornbills and Pigeons. Thanks again Aquapigs for a great time and hope to see you all back again soon.

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