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A great day diving with friends

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Well having been away for 6 weeks it was about time to see if my gills were still working.
And they were!  I got on the boat eager to set up my camera.  Dive 90 are staying at our Lembeh Cottages. And would be joining me on the boat soon.3 dives today, they turned out to be Panti Pergi, Nudi Retreat 1 and Air Bajo.  Of course the critters were there waiting to say "hello"  For those for you that know me the fish and critters do talk to me!
Steve's buddy Eileen very quickly suggested that Steve dive with me. A little to quickly I think she was glad to dump the photographer husband.
Soooooo much to see! Sea Moths, Pygmy Cuttlefish the obligatory Pigmy Seahorse.  Nightmarish skeleton shrimps, a Seahorse that was in fact a baby but I like to believe that it was a new species of pygmy bit big! A sexy shrimp on a bubble coral first time for me and of course the day would not have been complete without seeing a Flamboyant cuttlefish and a Mimic Octopus, did I mention the Mimic? oh yes I did.  Many happy people on our boat! Me being one of them. Lots of scrummy food wonderful singing from Detmon and co and way way to much fun.

What a perfect day!

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