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Why do men not know the difference between Pink and Red!

We were so excited about going to see the new Rhinopious. I have already seen the dark pink lacy.  But know it has a mate.... (all be it 400m away). But now Iwan and Andrew (who has seen it the day before) insist that it is RED! both of who are men. 
Excited down we went. The lacy was sat in a hole looking very very pretty. We then went in search of the RED paddle flap. Well with Iwan's keen eyes we found it just after 5 mins. It was dark pink not RED! but boy was he cute very grumpy looking. A fab dive and as it finished I arrived at the surface i said "its Dark Pink!!!!" to which the reply was no it's RED so please help me out? 

What colour is it???? Help me...

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