Oh , I have so much hair so much beautiful hair, I am just so handsome.

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Yes, the fish were talking to me on this dive! Actually they talk to me on most dives but this was particularly noisy. You see, the hairy frog fish wanted me to stay and take his photo, as he was so handsome. He did point out that he had " so much more hair than our guides!"
But the mimicking of the Mimic Octopus was just too much of a temptation. Midday he was out and dancing around the reef in a beautiful, elegant way. He was doing some really amazing moves, he was happy gliding across the sand  so we stayed with him for about 15 mins till my computer started singing to me.......... time to come up.

After eating a scrummy lunch, feeling full, with sun shining down and the breeze keeping me cool,listening to music in the background I thought this is great holiday .......... then I realised that it's not a holiday - I work here! Even better .... Come and join me,  I want to show you all my world.

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