Lembeh Cottage Critter Log Dive date: 2nd half of April.

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Ambon Scorpion Fish Well another outstanding 2 weeks

Yellow Pygmies (sea horses that is) and Pink one's too
Stone Fish
Blennie in a bottle
Rainbow Mantis with Eggs
White and Red Thorny Sea Horses
Many Cowries  with eggs
Juvenile Ghost Pipe fish
Hairy Frog Fish
Painted Frog Fish orange and white spots
Wasp fish
Long arm Octopus
Ambon  Scorpion Fish
Very large banana Nudi
Mating Pygmy Cuttle fish
Cockatoo Flounder
Giant frog fish
Xeno Crab white
Flamboyant Cuttle fish eggs in a bottle

I cant wait for next month

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