Critter Log: dive date: April: Week 1

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Dive date: April: Week 1

This log is put together by guests of Eco Divers and our guides. Our plan is to record what time of year we see certain animals. Hopefully over the years we will see patterns emerging that will help guests to know when to dive to see particular marine life.

Pygmy seahorse - yellow & pink

Nudibranchs ( a crazy amount) mating, laying eggs - so many different species maybe 30?

T bar nudi with eggs

T bar nudi mating 

T bar nudi with emperor shrimps.

A pair of Ambon scorpion fish

Coleman shrimp on toxic urchin

Dark pink lacy rhinopias 

One pair of halimeida ghost pipe fish

Thorny seahorses - many different colours - 9 on one dive

2 pygmy pipe fish 

Frogfish painted & warty

A 4-legged wonderpus

Mimic octopus

Hairy octopus on night dive

Juvenile flamboyant cuttle fish

Flamboyant cuttle fish eggs

Pink-eared mantis shrimp

Rainbow mantis with eggs

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