ADEX 2010: The most interesting dive show we've attended in ages. Jim Yanny reports...

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Tania, our Lembeh Cottages Manager, and I just got back from the ADEX show in Singapore. We were helped out on our booth by one of our agents in Singapore, Freestyle Divers. That's me and Tania with Terry & Gary from Freestyle Divers in the photo. Terry's better half, Charlene, also worked the booth, as did Gary's wife, Karen.

ADEX 2010 Jim and others 2.jpgIt was the first ADEX show under new owners, Asian Diver Magazine and it was a great show. They'd put together a really good speaker program on the main stage, from Stan Waterman to William Tan and Mathieu Meur. It was a really fresh approach to dive shows, to have speakers right there in the main hall, for all to see and hear, rather than the usual practice of putting them in a side room. It created a fantastic atmosphere, where people who were into the diving hobby were able to enjoy picking up fascinating tips from experts without having to split up from their friends and family and disappear. Well done, Asian Diver, for putting on the best ADEX show I've been to so far. We're already booked to return next year.

I was able to chat to many visitors and tell them all about Eco Divers, Kima Bajo and Lembeh Cottages. There was a lot of genuine interest. We had a prize draw for a holiday with Eco Divers worth US$1250 and hundres of people entered.

Of course I also met up with many old friends, including Vimal Lekhraj from Divemasters Indonesia and Jason Isley from ScubaZoo. Thanks for the too-many drinks Jason and see you next year. I should have recovered by then...just.

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