Very nice day at the wreck and the mainland

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My dearest friends,
We finally have come back from our vacation and the next day I was right back in the water diving.
While in Japan I have bought a new 105mm lens and I could not wait to try it. The plan was to make the first dive at the wreck and the second one on the mainland. I was amazed by the good visibility we have found at the wreck (arhghjhgjghf, I would have loved to have my fish eye lens).  Like always it has been a nice and we have seen a pink frogfish in a nice black coral bush.
During the second dive we have seen 2 babies frogfish and a hairy pipefish , huge cuttlefish and squid group. The water got a bit chiller in fact the temp. was down to 26 Celsius, which is very good for all the marine life ,as lots of nutriments from the deep come up to shallow water.
Over all I was amazed by the quantities of marine life I have seen, we can easily tell that, thanks to the rich nutriments in the waters, fish are abundantly feeding  and this means that in June and July We should have many critters mating  which for us  means to be able to see 3 or even 4 pigmy seahorses or ghost pipefish or etcccc........ccccc in the same spot.
I am really looking for that ;).

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