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The high season has just passed by in a blink of an eye. It has been very good and especially we have had the best weather of the last 5 years. The sky was always blue and the sea nice and flat.

A bit of rain has started now, anyway, the days are still beautiful.

Does less divers  mean less work? Not really.

As matter of fact during this period some of the staff will have the chance to take their well deserved holiday, they will take turns as the operation keep being busy doing maintenance.

Here at Eco Divers we like the things to be done properly and like every year we are fully maintaining all our boats, engines, dive equipments etc..........

We have decided this year to give a full training to all of our captains in Engine maintenance. A chief mechanic from Evinrude Jakarta has been so kind to come over to teach our staff how to fully open and close all our engines. With this 15 days training our captains will have the chance once again to gain more experience in engine handling and once more ensure that our guests will be under total safety when scuba diving or snorkeling with us. 



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