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There it is what I was looking for..................a beautiful Hary Frog Fish!

Once again, Melky and I , this time with the help of Donny, went to look for the Hary frog.

Our destination was the Lembeh Strait. We Left in the morning about 7:30 by Car, got to Bitung Harbour and boarded on Abang Boat and by 9:00 we were in Air Bajo diving site looking for Mimic octopus that unfortunately we have not founded, however, we have seen two giant frog fish side by side, a small worthy frogfish, two Flamboyant cuttlefish, a huge Ornate Ghost pipe fish.  For the second Dive we have moved to Jahir 2 spot were we have heard from our friends from KBR that there was a nice Hary Frog, went down to the spot, searched for about 15 min and then founded. Good Job Melky!! We have taken Video and picture of it. It has been very exciting.

Once the dive was over we went to take a lunch at NAD dive Resort where our friends Managers Mike and Simon have kindly invited us. A great way of ending an excellent day.

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