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MIDE 09 - great first time success

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MIDE 09 luca miho.jpgFor the first time, Eco Divers has taken part at the Malaysian diving show - MIDE 09 - thanks to the new Air Asia direct flight from Manado to Kuala Lumpur.

The show was a great success where dive centre managers for Eco Divers' Kima Bajo Resort & Spa met literally hundreds of new faces and extolled the beauty of diving Bunaken and Lembeh!

Miho and Luca (pic above) also took time out to meet with important photographers and attend some interesting presentations.

I have been diving today!! The day has been excellent. Not a single cloud in the sky, the sea flat like a mirror and great people on the boat. Diving wise what to say the visibility was about 30m, we had a gentle current with , one of those that allows you not swim, I love those currents. Big and small Napoleon Wrasses, big groups of Jacks, batfish, orangutan crabs etc........


Most of all today has been a great day for my two little buddies, Ivan and Max, I  have been taking them scuba diving  on top of a beautiful top reef, they have seen a huge bump head parrot fish passing right beside us and lots of coral fish all over the place. As usual kids are very comfortable underwater and they have had one of the coolest experience that they will tell all their class mates.

Well done kids!! 


Max iwan me.jpg


Manado Tua: Pangulingan divesite

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Manado Tua non active volcano is an Island  at about 35 min. boat ride from Kima Bajo Resort.

There are several diving sites around it. My favorite one is Pangulingan as we can often see some school of jacks, bat fish, napoleon wrasse, reef sharks and lots of fusilier.

The sloping reef reaches until 35m after that the drop off starts and goes down more than 70m deep. The visibility is all year around between 20-30m. As this diving site is right in the corner of the island often we can have currents coming from different directions, therefore we can go there just when conditions are favorable. However, during your week of diving we should be able to find the right conditions to go there.


big eye jackfish.jpg   


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