Critters of Bunaken: Hippocampus (Denise? not really, this still unidentified!!)

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hippocampus_denise.jpg Found it!!! We were looking for this "pigmy" seahorse . In my opinion it is the smallest with its 4-5mm. Oh yeah, our divemasters can find even such a small critter with its perfect camouflage. Look at its color and the surrounding seafan, perfect match.

Well done Yannis, to have found it and share with all of us.

This is very rare and it has the small "pimples" like the Bargibanti .Well, well is it a Denise or a new species ? these are the dilemmas that I have to face here in Sulawesi. Anybody has any idea? 

For those that have not yet seen a pigmy seahorse of any kind , they are probably thinking that I am crazy ;-) he he hehe ;-)  

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