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Critters of Bunaken: Hippocampus Bargibanti

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Here is the King of the pigmy seahorses. This picture was taken on the reef of Siladen Island at just 15 min by boat from our resort.

As you can sea his belly is quite big, that signifies that his pregnant. Yes, for those that they do not know yet, is the male that actually carries the eggs of the female in his pocket. They are marsupial, like the kangaroos.

Pigmy seahorses (hippocampus bargibanti) are quite common in the Bunaken marine park.

Scientist says that the "pimples" growing on their body are actually corals of the same kind of the sea fan where they live in. WOW!! 

Corals of Bunaken

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Click on the pic above to see the beautiful corals of BUNAKEN MARINE PARK.

hippocampus_denise.jpg Found it!!! We were looking for this "pigmy" seahorse . In my opinion it is the smallest with its 4-5mm. Oh yeah, our divemasters can find even such a small critter with its perfect camouflage. Look at its color and the surrounding seafan, perfect match.

Well done Yannis, to have found it and share with all of us.

This is very rare and it has the small "pimples" like the Bargibanti .Well, well is it a Denise or a new species ? these are the dilemmas that I have to face here in Sulawesi. Anybody has any idea? 

For those that have not yet seen a pigmy seahorse of any kind , they are probably thinking that I am crazy ;-) he he hehe ;-)  

Spinecheek Anemone Fish

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Can you see the spine on its right cheek?

This beautiful clownfish is a resident on the reef of Siladen. It lives in a Magnificent red Anemone and it has a great drop off view.

The male (picture above) is much smaller in size compared to the female, it can be easily half of her size and normally he is less aggressive while in the other hand the female does not hesitate to come biting and swimming right  into the diver's face.

Imaging any clown fish a meter big. Wow, forget about diving in the tropics;-)    

Red Lights Diving Sites

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mandarinefish .jpg

The Manadarinefish is well know for its playboy habits, in fact every time sunset is approaching it likes to swim around the red lights suburbs of the marine park. Here at Kima Bajo we are very lucky to have plenty of this hot dive sites were we can see these colorful fish at just 5 min from the Resort.

Make sure when you come to visit us to make at least one of this sunset dives.



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