Eco Divers knows its octopuses

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Eagle-eyed Hilary Elder spotted an error when Emperor Divers' Red Sea centre in Nuweiba thought they had spotted a mimic octopus. Great excitement abounded and the news went far and wide in their newsletter. Where it was picked up by Hilary who pointed out that she had taken an actual photo of a mimic octopus when diving with Eco Divers a couple of years ago.

And so the oracle of Lembeh marine life was consulted...Cary Yanny. Cary confirmed that the Nuweiba octopus was not a mimic but a 'starry night' variety.

Here's Hilary's photo of the mimic octopus...


And here's the photo from Nuweiba of the, now known to be, starry night octopus

starry night octopus.jpg

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There has certainly been some debate about our octopus seen on a night dive here in Nuweiba recently. Read More


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