Critters of Bunaken: Boxer Crab

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Bunaken island is well known for its dramatic deep walls and the pristine coral growth.......but, did you know how many special resident critters you can see in the Bunaken Marine Park? 

I have decided to come out with the title "Critters of Bunaken" to let know, the many people that have not yet dived in the Marine Park, how cool for macro is the place where I live. So many times it happened to me to hear sentences such as: Well, I did not know that you had so many critters in this place....... That is right!......... We have plenty to show you and this is what all my dive team is train for......spotting the unspottable.

Therefore, when you will be diving with us the formula will be: Look around and enjoy the thousand of coral fish swimming up and down the wall, look into the blue to see if a Turtle, Napoleon wrasse or reef Shark is passing by and let your divemaster do what he does best by spotting all the little tiny creatures such us the boxer crab in the picture above.

If you are a photographer make sure you do not forget your macro lens when you come to dive the Marine Park.

Bunaken big or small you can have it all.

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