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Hard to decide with what to start.....well, first of all, the weather has been great all day long, the sea was flat and it took us just a bit more than an 1hour to reach Sahaung divesite. The boat ride to the northern tip of sulawesi along the coast line it is so peaceful and beautiful with all the green hills and the volcanoes in the background.


The first dive at Sahaung1 was great, as you can se in the picture we have had a bit of current and current was what we needed to have all the nice soft corals open.

Luckily we often have a bit of current there and sometimes can be quite strong, that is why we recommend to be at least advance diver.

 We have made three dives: Sahaung1and Sahaun2 (Bangka Island) and Batu Mandi (Right on the sulawesi coast). we have seen plenty but I have decided to post these 2 pictures as in my opinion they are the symbol of the trip to bangka. The many pinnacles covered by the most colorful soft corals and the huge schools of blue stripes yellow snappers.

In Batu Mandi we have seen also astonishing soft corals and feather stars in all different color variations but also great critters, such as hypselodoris bulloki nudibranch and giant yellow frogfish.


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