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Critters of Bunaken: Hippocampus Pontohi

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Our voyage into the discovery of the critters of Bunaken brings you to the attention of this little tiny seahorse called Pontohi (Ponto's hippocampus). Ponto is one of the dive guide working in the Bunaken Marine Park, the first spotting this little beautiful seahorse.

To find this little critter you need to have an eagle eye, lots of concentration and know where he likes to live.

I am very proud to say that when you will be diving with us we can guarantee you to see it, as long as your eyes can focus on a little cm moving on a colorful background.  

Critters of Bunaken: Boxer Crab

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Bunaken island is well known for its dramatic deep walls and the pristine coral growth.......but, did you know how many special resident critters you can see in the Bunaken Marine Park? 

I have decided to come out with the title "Critters of Bunaken" to let know, the many people that have not yet dived in the Marine Park, how cool for macro is the place where I live. So many times it happened to me to hear sentences such as: Well, I did not know that you had so many critters in this place....... That is right!......... We have plenty to show you and this is what all my dive team is train for......spotting the unspottable.

Therefore, when you will be diving with us the formula will be: Look around and enjoy the thousand of coral fish swimming up and down the wall, look into the blue to see if a Turtle, Napoleon wrasse or reef Shark is passing by and let your divemaster do what he does best by spotting all the little tiny creatures such us the boxer crab in the picture above.

If you are a photographer make sure you do not forget your macro lens when you come to dive the Marine Park.

Bunaken big or small you can have it all.

Bangka Trip

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Hard to decide with what to start.....well, first of all, the weather has been great all day long, the sea was flat and it took us just a bit more than an 1hour to reach Sahaung divesite. The boat ride to the northern tip of sulawesi along the coast line it is so peaceful and beautiful with all the green hills and the volcanoes in the background.


The first dive at Sahaung1 was great, as you can se in the picture we have had a bit of current and current was what we needed to have all the nice soft corals open.

Luckily we often have a bit of current there and sometimes can be quite strong, that is why we recommend to be at least advance diver.

 We have made three dives: Sahaung1and Sahaun2 (Bangka Island) and Batu Mandi (Right on the sulawesi coast). we have seen plenty but I have decided to post these 2 pictures as in my opinion they are the symbol of the trip to bangka. The many pinnacles covered by the most colorful soft corals and the huge schools of blue stripes yellow snappers.

In Batu Mandi we have seen also astonishing soft corals and feather stars in all different color variations but also great critters, such as hypselodoris bulloki nudibranch and giant yellow frogfish.


Giant Frog Fish

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I went all the way down south to explore the coast of Manado, just at about an hour from Kima Bajo.

I was lucky to be with some of the friendliest and funniest guys, Matt & Jason, both professionals photographer. The weather couldn't have been better and sea, like most of the days, was nice and flat. Lovely Sulawesi :-) .

The Giant Frogfish above has been taken during the second dive. It's very nice the way they stay on the sponges. "Look at the nice contrast of colors".

By the way tomorrow we are organizing a day trip to Bangka island (Soft Corals Eden). I am really looking for it! 

Eco Divers knows its octopuses

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Eagle-eyed Hilary Elder spotted an error when Emperor Divers' Red Sea centre in Nuweiba thought they had spotted a mimic octopus. Great excitement abounded and the news went far and wide in their newsletter. Where it was picked up by Hilary who pointed out that she had taken an actual photo of a mimic octopus when diving with Eco Divers a couple of years ago.

And so the oracle of Lembeh marine life was consulted...Cary Yanny. Cary confirmed that the Nuweiba octopus was not a mimic but a 'starry night' variety.

Here's Hilary's photo of the mimic octopus...


And here's the photo from Nuweiba of the, now known to be, starry night octopus

starry night octopus.jpg


 .......Another day goes by and the sun sets behind the islands of the marine park .........what a stunning view, a little bit of peace before an hour of excitement during the night dive.

.......An other day goes by in Bunaken Marine Park Style.

Top reef of the east!!

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bunaken timur desktop.jpg"Bunaken Timur" is a dive site in the Bunaken Marine Park. "Timur" means east.
The most difficult thing, when you dive or snorkel in this dive site is literally find any area that is not pristine. 
I personally love the hundreds of thousand of little fish of all imaginable  colors living between the massive coral formations :-) .
I look forward going back and take some more photos of this great top reef.


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